Have Buster Will Travel

Keep Them Doggies Moving

He's Behind You!!


Say nothing Thor, Just let him think I'm a horse


Buster and his Dad, Monty, visiting Thor & Juno 

                            Buster and his poetry?

                                Bed Time Story

I`ll tell you a story of Buster,
Who roamed the wide world every day
With all the strength he could muster
And still found five minutes to play.

Now Juno and Thor were delighted
To see Buster their dear little friend
But `twas time that the candles were lighted
So they all went to bed-that`s the End


Written by

Ann Shuttleworth

 (Dougsdogs Mum)


That Damn Buster!!

Am I imagining things!!?

This Is How You Do It Buster!

Don't Rein On My Parade Buster

Tongues Will Wag

sTaRmiE & gNeLL - Doubletake

Do Dogs Look Like Their Owner!!?

Camera Shy Audrey